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File a report with RXVCOMP Recovery Agency If you have fallen victim to a scam to get your money back. We have the best professionals to resolve your Crypto, Funds Recovery case.



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RXVCOMP Recovery Agency has all it takes to get projects resolved. With the use of sophisticated tools, astute professionals, we carry out the successful recovery of assets both digital and physical assets.

About Rxvcomp Recovery Agency - Crypto Investment Scam Recovery, Funds Recovery, Cryptocurrency Assets Recovery
About Us

RXVCOMP Recovery Agency

RXVCOMP Recovery Agency is a leading funds recovery firm that helps you through mental, physical and financial recovery. The best industry professionals in Crypto Investment Scam Recovery, Money Recovery, Cryptocurrency Assets Recovery. We recover your money from romance scam, investment scams involving Forex, cryptocurrency companies and individuals.

Why Choose RXVCOMP Recovery To Get Your Money Back?

Global Coverage

Our Recovery services are offered predominantly in the U.S and also in other continents around the globe.

Recovery Assurance

Due to our level of expertise, your funds will undoubtedly be recovered. We give the assurance of recovery.

Discreet Services

These services offered by us are reliable, and handled with care and anonymity for the safety of our clients and staff.

Effective Communication

Communication is essential. We keep in touch with clients during the project and after.


The work ethic of the staff at RXVCOMP Recovery Agency is second to none. We are fully committed to providing you with all the help you need.

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology makes it easier. We have upgraded technologies to facilitate the recovery process.

RXVCOMP Recovery Is Recognized Globally For Crypto Investment Scam Recovery, Funds Recovery, Cryptocurrency Assets Recovery

Our Areas Of Expertise To Get Money Back

Let’s get your money back. We specialize in recovery services from the following, and not limited to these services.

Fake Crypto Platform

We have recovered humongous funds from bogus cryptocurrency platforms for some of our clients. Generally, fake crypto platforms are difficult to spot and you almost only find out when you are in too deep. Get in touch if you have been defrauded.

Romance/Dating Scams

Romance and dating scams is rampant. One specific type of romance scam that has gained attention is the pig butchering scam. This scam involves the scammer claiming to be making profits from an investment with a company, and using it as a pretext to deceive victims into investing. We recover all losses.

Fake Investment Groups

Investment scams involve promises of big payouts, quick money or guaranteed returns. Always be suspicious of any investment opportunities that promise a high return with little or no risk – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is – and is highly likely to be a scam. Reach out if you have been scammed.

Fake Forex Trading

This type of fraud is common. Everybody wants to trade Forex these days. Ensure you stay watchful to protect yourself from predators who are ready to devour your finances. Fill the consultation form if you have been scammed and can not withdraw your funds or access the fraud platform.

Wallet Private Key Decryption

To decrypt a wallet private key, one must have access to the corresponding encryption algorithm and possess the necessary information or tools required for decryption which we have. The specific method used for decryption depends on the encryption algorithm employed by the wallet.

Database Records Change

Removing articles from the internet and databases is a complex process influenced by legal requirements, privacy concerns, reputation management efforts, and content moderation policies. We have the best methods of carrying out these processes to clear records, and update records.

Rxvcomp Recovery Agency helped Lisa recover from investment scam

Lisa's Story

“Imagine the excitement of investing in the promising world of cryptocurrency, only to discover it was all a scam. This devastating reality hit me hard when I lost a staggering £1,451,300 in a crypto investment scam orchestrated by a deceitful discord group.”

“I am a Bay Area man and lost $380K investing in cryptocurrency suggested by a woman I met online. It took me several months before I realized it was a pig butchering scam. RXVCOMP Recovery Agency was a timely angel to save me from such mystery by recovering my money back.”
“I was involved in a scam that cost me over $678,900. I am glad I got my money back with the help of the team at RXVCOMP Recovery Agency after I got scammed by an investment company.”
“Without the help of Rxvcomp recovery agency, I would have been miserable since after losing £785,250 within 4 weeks in FOREX trading scam. I am thankful to have recovered my money.”